Monitoring and Handhelds

GroAqua offers a variety of monitoring devices and handhelds specifically designed for water quality testing. This includes devices that measure dissolved oxygen, temperature, carbon dioxide, pH, and salinity. Some of the devices also come with additional capabilities such as datalogging and the ability to download data to a computer. We offer products from two brands, OxyGuard and YSI, each with their own unique offerings. 

OxyGuard Handy Polaris Meters

The OxyGuard Handy Polaris is a hand-held meter that measures dissolved oxygen and temperature. It has flat foil push buttons that are easy to use and is always ready to use – just turn it on and measure. The dissolved oxygen values are shown in mg/l (ppm) and % saturation, and it compensates for changes in barometric pressure. The Handy Polaris 2 extends the usability of the Polaris by adding datalogging and the capacity to download your data to your PC through the USB Link. Finally, the OxyGuard Handy Polaris TGP measures Total Gas Pressure, showing values as percent saturation for Dissolved Oxygen and in Volume Percentage when used for measuring total gas pressure.

YSI ProSOLO ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

An evolution of the Professional Series water quality meters, the ProSolo DIGITAL handheld replaces the ProODO as YSI’s most advanced optical dissolved oxygen field meter. Paired with the latest optical DO and temperature (ODO/T) probe, the ProSolo benefits from years of expertise in cutting-edge dissolved oxygen technology. Order with an ODO/T probe assembly for a complete sampling system.

YSI Professional Series Meters

The YSI Professional Series of handhelds are rugged and reliable, with an IP67 impact-proof case that is waterproof and drop-rated to 1 meter on concrete. They come with robust metal, military-spec cable connections and most cables and sensors are user-replaceable. They have built-in barometers for more accurate DO measurements, and offer quick and convenient calibration procedures. They also feature self-stirring BOD probes for lab use, auto-buffer recognition for pH, and automatic temperature compensation. Conductivity instruments can display calculated parameters such as specific conductance, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

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