Who Are We?

Solving challenges for over 50 years

Over the years, we have sold our unique, mission-critical products to countries all around the world. Our motto is simple, but says it all: “… in safe hands”. Our vision is simple, yet straightforward: “We want to become the preferred supplier of electro-technical solutions.”

Together with our competency and skills, our special facilities and tools, and our constructive and critical customers, we are well-positioned to become your preferred supplier, even though, and perhaps because, we are located in the heart of the harsh and demanding environment of the North Atlantic.

We are determined to take advantage of our unique situation and make some of the world’s best products for the aquaculture industry. Being a prefered supplier for the aquaculture in the Faroe Islands, we have our share in the success the Faroese aquaculture has had over the last years.

JT Electric 1972-2023

When JT Electric was founded, the goal was to service and build electrical installations in the local area and sell electrical components. JT electric delivers all electrical products for the aquaculture industry. The market is the Faroe Islands and the rest of the world. 

Two decades ago, JT started producing underwater lamps for salmon farming. This was the beginning of a new oversea market, which later led to big cooperation with foreign fish farmers and suppliers to this industry.In June 2002, JT moved into new office and sales environments, making it possible to increase the sales and production part of the company.

The strategy has changed from being only a local company to be one of the leading companies in the world, producing and selling underwater lamps and cameras for aquaculture. The worldwide market is still increasing, creating new possibilities for JT to grow. The local market share is about 80% of all aquaculture on the Faroe Islands, which we have supplied with feeding systems, camera systems, lighting systems, automation systems and electrical installations.

Sterner AquaTech UK 2001-2023

With our origins going back over 20 years specialising in electrical installations, Sterner AquaTech UK was formed in 2001 as a joint venture with G&A Sutherland, Sterner AS and FishTech AS of Norway.  Originating as a distributor and engineering partner of many of the premier companies in Aquaculture, we specialised in providing solutions to hatcheries with a focus on water quality.

From environmental monitoring and water treatment to fish handling solutions and centralised feed systems, our strategy of a supplier of the best aquaculture equipment combined with installation and engineering services are cornerstones of our approach, ensuring we have sound technical knowledge and skills for every product we represented.