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Through a combination of oxygen generation and carbon dioxide degassing, at GroAqua we can improve the quality of the water in the fish tanks to make it better for fish

O2 Generation

Oxymat Containerised Oxygen Generator

OXYMAT oxygen generators for aquaculture will optimise your production. In recent years, oxygen usage in aquaculture has risen drastically. So, now more than ever it makes sense to look at your operation costs.

  • No safety risks of handling high-pressure cylinders
  • Safe delivery; controlled flow and uninterrupted gas
  • Easily installed in addition to any existing oxygen supply (cylinders, cryogenic or other PSA systems)
  • Generate the O2 you need, when and where you need it
  • Very low OPEX compared to cylinders or liquid gas
  • Remove the hassle of handling cylinders
  • No need to rely on external gas suppliers and fluctuating prices
  • Advanced central control system carefully operates the system ensuring the desired oxygen quantity and quality is supplied
  • System can be containerised and placed outside – even in extreme temperatures
O2 Generation
O2 Generation

O2 Generation

Oxytech by Sterner

The well-known Oxytech oxygen mixer from Sterner is now available in a new and improved version. Multiple sizes are now available in a plug-and-play version. Oxytech is now manufactured in PE, and all impellers are made of bronze, which makes it suitable for seawater as well. The new range has an improved internal injector, more advanced level control, enhanced control cabinet, all oxygen-certified components and can be supplied with pump cover for outdoor mounting.

Sterner supplies complete systems for automatic oxygenation of the water, preferably combined with other equipment to regulate water quality. We have systems for total oxygenation of the water flow and direct oxygenation in farming vessels. We supply parts and package solutions, with oxygen generators, distribution systems, interference, emergency oxygenation and automation systems with monitoring and regulation. We find that more and more people discover the savings in producing oxygen onsite.

NP Innovation CO2 Degasser

Our NP Innovation degasser program is a result of the various demands for self-cleaning degasser solutions with supreme efficiency, removing CO2, improving water quality, and reducing investment costs.

Our degassers are of cascade type with self-cleaning ability. Water and air flow directions are concurrent. The fill media is made of asymmetrical horizontal layers of PP-panels, each with many small channels for the falling water to pass through. At this passage the water accelerates air downwards, and simultaneously with heavy turbulence CO2 is transferred to the air. The design is module based to achieve low manufacturing cost and easy installation in existing plants.

The basic outline of degassers are a square design.

O2 Generation
O2 Generation

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