O2 Generation

O2 generation is used to provide the necessary oxygen levels in the fish tanks, ensuring the health and growth of the fish. The AirSep oxygen generator and OxyTech by GroAqua are both reliable and efficient solutions for generating oxygen in land-based fish farming. GroAqua offers full service and setup for all land-based solutions.

AirSep Oxygen Generator

The AirSep oxygen generator is a reliable and cost-effective solution for generating oxygen in land-based fish farming. It reduces oxygen costs by up to 50% compared to liquid oxygen, while also minimizing safety risks associated with handling liquid oxygen. Its fully automatic and straightforward design makes it an easy-to-use option for those looking to produce oxygen onsite.

Oxytech by Sterner

The well-known Oxytech oxygen mixer from Sterner is now available in a new and improved version. Multiple sizes are now available in a plug-and-play version. Oxytech is now manufactured in PE, and all impellers are made of bronze, which makes it suitable for seawater as well. The new range has an improved internal injector, more advanced level control, enhanced control cabinet, all oxygen-certified components and can be supplied with pump cover for outdoor mounting.

Sterner supplies complete systems for automatic oxygenation of the water, preferably combined with other equipment to regulate water quality. We have systems for total oxygenation of the water flow and direct oxygenation in farming vessels. We supply parts and package solutions, with oxygen generators, distribution systems, interference, emergency oxygenation and automation systems with monitoring and regulation. We find that more and more people discover the savings in producing oxygen onsite.

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