GroBarge is our turn-key solution for fish feeding. It consists of a barge designed to be remotely operated for exposed sites. All barges are delivered with a complete FishFeeder system and software. The barges can take up to 16 feed lines and 700 tonnes of feed, but are custom made for different purposes. 


The GroBarge is designed specifically for fish feeding, with no wasted space or cost compared to prior barges. Its double hull design allows it to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. The barge also has a high feed silo capacity, which reduces downtime and increases overall efficiency. Additionally, its built-in FishFeeder fish feeding system eliminates the need for separate feeding equipment. The GroBarge is also unmanned and remotely operated through the FishFeeder software.

Double Hull Design

The double hull design of GroBarge provides exceptional stability, making it highly resistant to the heavy waves and rough seas of the North Atlantic. This is just one of the measures taken to ensure that the barge can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the North Atlantic, allowing fish feeding operations to continue safely and efficiently at all times.

High Feed Silo Capacity

Another quality of the GroBarge is its high feed silo capacity. With a capacity of up to 700 tonnes of feed, the barge is able to supply a large number of fish farming cages with food for extended periods of time. This feature also means that the barge requires less frequent refilling, which reduces downtime and increases overall efficiency.

Built-in feeding system

With the GroFeeder fish feeding system already integrated into the barge, there is no need for separate feeding equipment, which can save time and money. Additionally, the built-in system can be customized to meet the specific needs of the fish farm, which can lead to more efficient and effective feeding practices.

Unmanned and Remotely Operated

One of the key features of GroBarge is its ability to be unmanned and remotely operated through the GroVision software. This feature enhances safety by eliminating the need for onboard personnel. Additionally, it enables more efficient and cost-effective operations, as the barge can be controlled from shore. The GroVision software provides real-time monitoring and control of both the GroBarge and the GroFeeder feeding system, which can be adjusted as necessary to meet the needs of the fish farm.

Built with Care and Attention to Detail

The GroBarge is built from the bottom up with care and attention to detail. Each barge is custom made to meet the specific needs of the fish farm it will be servicing. This ensures that the barge is optimized for the environment and conditions it will be operating in. Additionally, the barge is constructed using high-quality materials and components, which are designed to withstand the harsh weather and marine conditions of the North Atlantic.

The construction process of the GroBarge is highly controlled and monitored to ensure that every detail is executed to the highest standards. This includes the use of advanced welding techniques, strict quality control measures, and rigorous testing procedures. The result is a barge that is not only highly functional but also durable and reliable, providing long-lasting service to the fish farm.

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Our clients say

GroAqua has a lot of experience in building feeding barges for areas with unpredictable weather and challenging seas. With a hybrid barge from GroAqua, we are taking big steps toward more sustainable farming.

Gauti Geirsson
CEO, Háafell

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with 50% by 2030. By diverting to landline power-supply for our feeding barges, we can reduce oil consumption and thereby emissions from our farm sites.

Jón Purkhús
Manager, Bakkafrost Faroe Islands

GroAqua delivered all the technical equipment for our farmsite in Sandsvág, Faroe Islands. They delivered the feeding barge, camera system, feeding system, internet, sensors and landline.

Hans Jákup Mikkelsen
Managing Director, Mowi Faroe Islands

Product Range

GroBarge 700

Remotely operated
700 tonnes feed capacity
Up to 16 Feedlines

GroBarge 480

Remotely operated
480 tonnes feed capacity
Up to 8 Feedlines