FishFeeder is a comprehensive feed system for fish, smolt, and cleaner fish farming. Our system is designed to ensure safe and smooth feed passage while minimizing pellet breakage and debris. We offer a complete feed system as well as upgrades and expansions for existing feed systems.

The Auger

The auger is made of stainless steel and is maintenance-free. It is custom-designed to give the feed sufficient volume in transit, avoiding pressure compaction. Designed to precisely dose, allowing precise system calibration and ensuring accurate feed weight dosage. The auger is easily calibrated to the feed system using a computer, tablet or smartphone with the FishFeeder software.

The Selector Valve

The selector valve is a compact and robust 3-line 90mm valve that is an essential component of the FishFeeder system. Thanks to its innovative design, it is easy to remove and refit the cover without any tools, bolts, or catches. The valve automatically blanks the lines that are not being fed to prevent blow-back and has three-spring energization of disc seal for optimal dust sealing performance. 

The Feed Spreader

The feed spreader is a key component of the FishFeeder system that significantly reduces capital and operating costs by minimizing feed system wastage. It achieves this through its high-efficiency bearing, which allows for significantly lower blower pressure and therefore reduced feed breakage and fat melt. Additionally, the feed spreader requires no routine maintenance during the growth cycle, can withstand vigorous water flushing without needing to be disconnected, and is simple and quick to assemble for site deployment. 

The Cleanerfish Feeder

Sea lice are one of the biggest obstacles faced by the salmon farming industry. Cleanerfish, or lumpfish, have been tested as a solution to this problem, but they require additional feed to the lice. To address this, we have designed an integrated cleanerfish feeder that can be controlled by the FishFeeder software. The hardware consists of a silo for cleanerfish feed and augers running to existing sluices. This means the cleanerfish feeder feeds through existing salmon feed lines.

Automatic Feeding and Remote Operations

One of the key qualities of FishFeeder is that it includes a software that enables fully automated feeding and remote operations. This means that users can control the system from anywhere, at any time. The system is also designed to be user-friendly, and we handle the installation and offer training to ensure seamless integration and optimal operation.


The FishFeeder has four key qualities that sets it apart from other feed systems. First, it ensures smooth passage of feed through the system, reducing breakage and waste. Second, it uses only the best commercially available components, ensuring high quality and reliability. Third, it is flexible and easily customized to fit the specific needs of each user. Fourth, it is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for use in fish farming in the North Atlantic.

Smooth Passage of Feed

Fish are just as quality-conscious as fish farmers. They prefer to eat intact pellets and avoid broken or fragmented ones. Our products are specially designed to minimize feed wastage by ensuring smooth passage of the feed through the system, thereby reducing breakage and dust to a minimum.

High Quality Components

The FishFeeder uses only the best commercially available components, which include a combination of high-quality off-the-shelf items and components specifically developed and produced by our collaboration partners.

Flexible Configuration

The hardware configuration is flexible, and the system is easily integrated with other systems. This means that it can be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual user, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Built for Harsh Conditions

The FishFeeder is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for use in fish farming in the North Atlantic. The system has also been adapted and greatly influenced by established professional specialist companies with extensive experience in fish farming.

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Our clients say

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with 50% by 2030. By diverting to landline power-supply for our feeding barges, we can reduce oil consumption and thereby emissions from our farm sites.

Jón Purkhús
Manager, Bakkafrost Faroe Islands

GroAqua delivered all the technical equipment for our farmsite in Sandsvág, Faroe Islands. They delivered the feeding barge, camera system, feeding system, internet, sensors and landline.

Hans Jákup Mikkelsen
Managing Director, Mowi Faroe Islands

GroAqua has a lot of experience in building feeding barges for areas with unpredictable weather and challenging seas. With a hybrid barge from GroAqua, we are taking big steps toward more sustainable farming.

Gauti Geirsson
CEO, Háafell

Software Product Range


FishFeeder is the software controlling the mechanical feed system. The user interface
is a modern and easy to use browser based software where all the standard feeding settings and data can be done.

FishFeeder RAS

FishFeeder RAS is the software controlling
the mechanical feed system specifically designed for land-based farming.


The OceanSensor software is a sensor
platform where you can collect all your sensor data. With graphs and easy export this system is built for storing alot of data.