The demand for monitoring the environment in and around fish farming sites is increasing in scope. The GroSensor provides fish farmers with vital and highly reliable measurements of their environment. It measures dissolved oxygen levels and temperature, both crucial for ensuring the health and wellbeing of the fish.


The GroSensor utilizes one of the best sensors in the world to ensure accurate readings. It includes data backup measures for secure data storage and is compatible with a variety of hardware and software solutions. The sensor is housed in a robust casing with a durable cable that can withstand some of the harshest conditions.

Data Backup

To ensure safe storage of the data, the GroSensor has a built in datalogger and batteries for backing up sensor readings. The data can be logged locally on the sensor and will automatically send all unsent data when connection to a server or power is established.

Flexible Usage

The communication and power method of the GroSensor is Ethernet and POE (Power Over Ethernet). This means that it can be plugged into any POE-enabled Ethernet switch or POE injector to function. Although the GroSensor is specifically designed for GroVision, it can function on any Ethernet solution as a stand-alone sensor. Additionally, the MQTT communication protocol makes the GroSensor open to use on any modern software platform.

Extremely Durable Cable

The cable is a variation of the extremely durable GroCable tailor-made for the GroSensor and GroCamera. This cable is made for extreme conditions and can withstand a high amount of abuse. The thick TPU cable and kevlar sheet make this cable extremely durable to ensure a reliable product.

Tested in Harsh Conditions

The GroSensor is designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions in the world. It has been extensively tested in difficult environments to ensure it provides reliable and accurate readings even in challenging conditions. The GroSensor is built to last and provide fish farmers with the vital information they need to ensure the health and wellbeing of their fish.

Ensuring the wellbeing of the fish

The GroSensor enables fish farmers to monitor the levels of dissolved oxygen and temperature in water, which are crucial for ensuring the health and wellbeing of fish. Low dissolved oxygen levels can lead to fish stress, reduced growth rates, and even death, while temperature affects fish metabolism and growth rates. Monitoring these levels can help farmers identify any changes and take corrective measures to maintain optimal conditions for the fish.

Integrated with GroVision

The GroVision software is designed to view logged data from various types of sensors used in fish farms. Built on big-data technology, the software is capable of handling vast amounts of data with ease. With this software, you can view trends in the readouts from the GroSensor and monitor values in real-time.

GroVision can also be used to log and monitor multiple sensors, including Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Salinity, pH, Turbidity, Algae, sea current, and weather.

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Our clients say

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with 50% by 2030. By diverting to landline power-supply for our feeding barges, we can reduce oil consumption and thereby emissions from our farm sites.

Jón Purkhús
Manager, Bakkafrost Faroe Islands

GroAqua delivered all the technical equipment for our farmsite in Sandsvág, Faroe Islands. They delivered the feeding barge, camera system, feeding system, internet, sensors and landline.

Hans Jákup Mikkelsen
Managing Director, Mowi Faroe Islands

GroAqua has a lot of experience in building feeding barges for areas with unpredictable weather and challenging seas. With a hybrid barge from GroAqua, we are taking big steps toward more sustainable farming.

Gauti Geirsson
CEO, Háafell

Product Range

OceanSensor DO

High quality Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature sensor
Designed for extreme conditions with very rugged cable
Built in datalogger and battery
Can be used with the FishFeeder & GroVision Software or 3rd party software supporting MQTT
Highly accurate and low maintenance
OceanCable Ethernet Exctreme cable – lengths up to 60 meters
POE powered

OceanSensor MSU

Multisensor Unit for monitoring conditions
Weather Station
Water quality: DO, Salinity, Turbidity, pH and more
Sea water currents


Oxygen Concentration range: 0 – 1000 μM
Oxygen Air Saturation range: 0 – 300 %
Temperature range: -5 to +40 °C
Field calibration: In air calibration
Power: Power Over Ethernet (POE)
Cable: GroCable
Cable length: 20m (standard)
Weight: 1 kg
Warranty: 1 year from shipment date
Electrical approvals: CE, RoHS