The GroLight is an underwater light solution, that allows farmers to control the maturation of fish throughout the seasons. The product works seamlessly with the rest of the Gro product line, and is produced and tested to withstand some the harshest weather conditions in the world, with little to no maintenance required.


Most of GroLight’s qualities stem from the fact that it uses LED lighting technology. LED lights offer many advantages over the older MH (metal halide) lights that have been the primary solution in fish farming until recently. Some of these advantages include longer lifespans, the ability to produce different colour temperatures, and automation capabilities.

Superior Lifespan

One advantage of using an LED light system is its superior lifespan compared to MH (metal halide) lights. Our LED light has a lifespan of 70,000 hours on paper, while our older MH bulb only lasts for 20,000 hours. A significant difference.

Optimised Colour Temperature

LED lights with optimised colour temperature for salmon farming offer the best results. Since cooler light penetrates water better than warmer light, the colour temperature is set to achieve the furthest reach and prevent maturation even more effectively, according to scientific research.

Soft-start Feature

Scaring salmon can cause loss of appetite and even increase their mortality rate. The sudden shut off of light can disorient the salmon and cause them to swim into the nets, bruising themselves. These bruises can eventually lead to the death.

To solve this issue, our LED systems have a soft-start feature. This allows you to specify the period over which the light gradually goes from 0% to 100%. The duration of the soft-start can range from 10 to 600 seconds.

Built for Harsh Conditions

The North Atlantic is said to have some of the harshest conditions to work in, let alone farm in. Our GroLight not only withstands these harsh waters, but also has a life expectancy of 5-7 years.

When comparing the GroLight to similar products on the market, there are two main factors to consider. Firstly, other lights have glass covering almost half of the light, while our cover is primarily made of aluminum. Secondly, we use a cable that is far more durable than other.


Under normal circumstances, the fish reach maturity during early autumn. The early development causes the fish to lose value and mortality rates to rise. The purpose of GroLight is to control the fish’s perception of the seasons, thereby postponing maturation, enhancing growth, and reducing mortality.

The lights enable the fish farmer to keep the fish in the cage for an extra farming season before slaughter, without risking a loss of value or expiration because of premature ageing of the fish.

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Our clients say

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with 50% by 2030. By diverting to landline power-supply for our feeding barges, we can reduce oil consumption and thereby emissions from our farm sites.

Jón Purkhús
Manager, Bakkafrost Faroe Islands

GroAqua has a lot of experience in building feeding barges for areas with unpredictable weather and challenging seas. With a hybrid barge from GroAqua, we are taking big steps toward more sustainable farming.

Gauti Geirsson
CEO, Háafell

GroAqua delivered all the technical equipment for our farmsite in Sandsvág, Faroe Islands. They delivered the feeding barge, camera system, feeding system, internet, sensors and landline.

Hans Jákup Mikkelsen
Managing Director, Mowi Faroe Islands

Product Range

OceanLight 400

400W LED underwater light
Heavy duty
Optimized light spectrum for fish farming

OceanLight 400CX

400W LED underwater light
Heavy duty
Optimized light spectrum for fish farming
Adjustable white and blue light


Voltage: 100-240V
Consumption: 400W
Max depth: 20 m
Light colour: 5K
Cable: 3G2,5mm2
Cable length: 40m (standard)
Weight: 6,5 kg
Lifespan: 70.000 hours
Warranty: 2 years from shipment date
Electrical approvals: CE, RoHS