Transport Systems

The transportation of live fish is a delicate process that requires careful monitoring of the environment in which the fish are transported. One of the most important factors to monitor during transport is the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. Fish require oxygen to survive, and when they are placed in a new environment, such as a transport tank, the oxygen levels can quickly become depleted.

OxyGuard Convoy

The Convoy is an OxyGuard Commander system designed to control, monitor and record the dissolved oxygen and temperature of tanks in vehicles used for transporting living fish.

The system incorporates a number of features that make it exceptional for protecting the large values represented by live fish:

  • Proportional control of oxygen dosing to each tank
  • Temperature control of each tank
  • Full data logging at ten minute log intervals
  • Hard copy of maximum, minimum and average values for each tank
  • Automatic alarm – both in the cab and extemally as desired
  • Small yet effective control panel with display

Control is individual for each tank. The system is build up in modules and can be added to as appropriate.

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