JT Electric and Sterner AquaTech UK Rebrand as GroAqua

A new brand has emerged in the aquaculture industry. GroAqua is the new name for aquatech suppliers JT electric and Sterner AquaTech UK. The rebranding combines the strengths from both companies to provide sustainable technology solutions to the aquaculture industry. 

The people and the products remain the same, with decades of experience in the harsh North Atlantic, but the new brand signifies a commitment to facilitating sustainable fish growth.

“We are excited to launch our new brand and enter a new chapter as one company”, says Suni Justinussen, CEO at GroAqua. “Our strategy is to be one of the leading suppliers of fish growth solutions to the aquaculture industry, and the rebranding signifies our strong commitment to support fish farmers in their growth.

JT electric, based in the Faroe Islands, acquired Sterner AquaTech UK in 2020 to enhance its presence in the UK aquaculture market. The company is located in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, and is in the process of strengthening its position in the Norwegian market – now under the new name GroAqua.

GroAqua specialises in facilitating sustainable fish growth with a range of technical solutions to remotely monitor and control the feeding and breeding process – both in seawater and freshwater.

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