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GroAqua has over 20 years of experience in fish handling, regardless of fish size, species, or application. This experience has allowed us to determine the best fish handling equipment to use for land-based fish farming. We offer a range of fish handling equipment, including fish pumps, fish counters, and fish graders, and we provide full set up and service for all solutions.

Fish Pumps

Fish pumps are used in land-based fish farming to transfer fish in a gentle manner. GroAqua offers a variety of fish pumps for land-based fish farming, including the Aqua-Life BioStream aquatic transfer pump with self-priming and variable speed electric drive operation, as well as vacuum systems from Euskan and the Pin Pin Z-65L-S from Impex for live transfer of fingerlings with speed adjustment. These pumps are designed to be gentle on fish and come in a range of sizes and connection options.

Fish Counters

A fish counter is used to count fish in a fish farming operation. GroAqua offers AquaScan and CSE Pipeline fish counters, which use advanced sensor technology to accurately count fish as they pass through the system. These counters are useful for monitoring fish populations and ensuring that the correct number of fish are present in each stage of the fish farming process.

Fish Graders

A fish grader is used to sort fish based on size or other characteristics. It is often used in fish farming operations to separate fish into groups based on their growth stage or other factors. GroAqua recommends the APOLLO grading machine, available in 4, 5, 7, and 10 tracks, which was developed in 1981 and remains the choice for hatcheries throughout the aquaculture industry. The graders are manufactured in high-quality 316 Stainless, which is suitable for both fresh and seawater. 

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